Beautiful Linens Machine Embroidered Specialty Monogram Designs

We offer a large selection of standard machine embroidery designs as finished products across our fine linens and do a considerable amount of custom embroidery work for the linens we sell. We will be expanding the machine embroidery design options on our website as finished products to further include specialty designs by Sonia Showalter. Please note these are the finished, embroidered designs. If you wish to purchase a license to embroider on your own machine, please go to Sonia’s site directly. She has absolutely beautiful designs to choose from. The web address for that purpose is Sonia Showalter Designs.

For illustration purposes, the images on the slide below have been computer-generated in our embroidery software and shown generally in one color. Single color finished products for these specialty machine embroidery designs are soon to be available on our website. If you would like to incorporate multi-color/specialty color options or embellishments, please contact Customer Service via our Contact Form. Additional fees for custom work may apply.

Finished Product Embroidery by Beautiful Linens; Embroidery Designs by Sonia Showalter

We are passionate about incorporating exceptional machine embroidery designs with fine linen to create timeless keepsake treasures and classic textiles.

Embroidered by Beautiful Linens, Embroidery Designs by Sonia Showalter
Beautiful Linens Custom Made Lace Wedding Handkerchief Featuring the Basket of Elegance Monogram (Monogram Design by Sonia Showalter).

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