Linen Care

Many everyday detergents found in retail superstores contain bleaches and other harsh chemicals that can cause the fibers in fine linens to yellow, break down, or create holes in the fabric. Le Blanc Linen Wash was created out of the necessity for a cleanser in which to safely launder fine linens, such as household bedding, table linens, and antique linens.

Le Blanc products have a neutral pH formula specifically designed for the preservation of all fine washable fabrics; they are free of bleach, caustics, phosphates, sulfates, enzymes, parabens, environmentally friendly and never tested on animals. Though Le Blanc products are gentle on all fine washable fabrics, they are triple concentrated so only a 1/4 cup is needed to be an effective stain remover against red wine, coffee, perspiration, blood, makeup, and more. Since 1985, Le Blanc has manufactured and distributed only the highest quality products.

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