Bodrum Quilted Diamond Red / Evergreen Embroidered Easy Care Round Vinyl Placemats (Set of 4), 15″



The Bodrum Quilted Diamond Red / Evergreen Embroidered Easy Care Round Vinyl Placemats (Set of 4) are designed with a unique quilted diamond embroidered pattern feature red and evergreen holiday / winter colors.  The red vinyl is a heavy-duty, durable, yet softer vinyl product. The overall workmanship with the quilted embroidery is impeccably crafted. The  easy care placemats are sized at 15″ (38.1cm) round and are 100% phthalate-free vinyl.  Price includes 4 placemats.

The placemats have a solid red color on the backside.  They are extremely easy to care for.  To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

About the Brand and Manufacturer

Since 1994, Bodrum Linens has supplied selected retailers with premier quality Turkish linens, offering exceptional value. Their fabrics are woven on state-of-the-art looms and dyed or printed using only the highest quality materials. All finishing is done by highly skilled artisans who take extra pride in their craft. Delivering a quality product with superior customer service is always their priority, as is building long-lasting relationships with their retailers and customers. The designs and colors of their collections are always on target with the latest trends in tabletop and home décor. Bodrum designs are also known to be versatile and transitional, where one can make them feel contemporary or traditional, formal or casual. All patterns and colors are carefully chosen to be mixed and matched at your whim, so that you can create fun and stylish table settings that truly embody your personality. They also offer a range of organic fabrics, all woven using 100% certified organic cotton grown without using synthetic fertilizers, toxic pesticides, herbicides or other harmful elements. Their organic textiles are treated with low-impact dyes to keep our soil and water fresh and free of harsh elements. These low-impact dyes are not only chemical free, but they also require significantly lower amounts of water during the dyeing process. At Bodrum, they are fully committed to help preserve and honor the beauty of our planet.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 lbs
PKG Dimensions 15 × 15 × .5 in




Brand Bodrum
Country of Manufacture Turkey
Bodrum Product Care & Use Napkin Rings To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Easy Care Mats Our easy care mats are made of 100% Phthalate-free Vinyl. Phthalates are found in many of the vinyl mats on the market and are known to be hormone-mimicking chemicals, many of which disrupt normal hormonal processes, raising concern about their implications for increased health risks. We are proud to use only phthalate-free vinyl. Cleaning our vinyl place mats couldn’t be easier: Simply wipe with a damp cloth Do not put them in dishwasher or immerse in water. Do not leave on tables for extended periods of time. If your mats are embroidered, embroidery yarns can be spot cleaned. The sooner the embroidery is treated after a spill, the better. Table Linens Bodrum fine linens are woven in Turkey using the finest quality materials, time-honored and state-of-the-art techniques, with an unwavering commitment to quality. We use the best quality linen, cotton, wool and man-made fibers. Each product includes a label which features fabric content and product care.

Colorfastness Bodrum uses only the highest quality dyes which completely permeate the fabric to prevent excessive fading.

Laundering Most of our products are machine washable and dryable. We recommend washing in cold water with mild detergent and drying on the low heat setting. Chlorine bleach is never recommended. Wash like colors together. If the product is stained, we recommend washing immediately to avoid setting the stain. Pre-treat stains with stain removers if necessary. Use a warm iron as needed. Some products require dry cleaning and are labeled as such. Certain collections like Tuxedo, Corte, Insignia, Gala and Iznik should be line dried or tumble dried on air-fluff setting. Other collections can be machine dried but to minimize the need for ironing, they should be taken out while damp.

Shrinkage Minimal shrinkage is achieved by tightly weaving with high quality yarns, pre-shrinking and finishing the fabric to give it more stability. The published sizes of our products are the sizes prior to laundering. If proper care instructions are followed, shrinkage of up to 3% can be expected. If care instructions are not followed, shrinkage of up to 5% can be expected.

Stonewash Bodrum Riviera collection is a 100% stonewashed linen fabric. Stonewashed linen is extremely soft and has a wonderful patina. Fabric is dyed during the stonewashing process so slight color differences may occur.


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