Busatti Due Fragole Embroidered Cascata di Fiori (Cascade of Flowers) Linen Cotton Italian Kitchen Towel, Sugared Almond Pink



The colors and style are so pretty and reminiscent of Spring and Summer.  The Busatti Due Fragole Embroidered Cascata di Fiori Linen Cotton Italian Kitchen Towel in Sugared Almond Pink is adorned with a wonderful, embroidered cascade of flowers in the center of the towel on a white cream herringbone fabric.  Down both the left and right side of the towel, there are large and small stripes of a bright and cherry sugared almond pink color.  The medium weight towel is 60% linen and 40% cotton and has a slightly firmer feel prior to wash.  The linen cotton blend will soften as you wash it.  Embroidered by Busatti and woven in Italy.

About the Brand and Manufacturer

Weavers in Tuscany Since 1842 - From the historical village of Anghiari, the Busatti-Sassolini family has been weaving Tuscan textiles since 1842. These fabrics are timeless and reflect their deep Renaissance artisan skill in colors and styles. Busatti is still a synonym of quality and tradition, but also of innovation because of a constant search of new designs, colors and models. The operative creed for Busatti is to produce the tradition of that part of Italy that lies in the heart of Tuscany and Umbria. That tradition exclusively uses natural fibers and designs inspired by the heart and soul of the Renaissance and its rustic traditions, and mixes them with a vast range of colors. Today, the family operation is being led by their eighth generation. Every production phase is carried out in Italy with extraordinary care from the dying, spinning and weaving of the fabrics to each hand finished piece made in the historical Busatti workshop.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
PKG Dimensions 14 × 7.5 × 1 in




Brand Busatti
Country of Manufacture Italy
Machine wash warm on a gentle cycle at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius / 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  Do not bleach or use fabric softeners. Remove linens as soon as possible from the washer to avoid excess wrinkles. Do not tumble dry. It is best not to tumble dry linen as this can over dry the fibers and makes ironing more difficult. A line or rod is perfect or just lie flat to dry. If you smooth the wrinkles out with your hands at this point, the pressing becomes even easier. Always iron linen when slightly damp as this is the ideal time to press them. Iron on the underside (reverse side). In replace of an iron, textile steamers are excellent for pressing/removing wrinkles from linen. If the linen has already dried out before ironing, use a water spray to re-dampen it - a good steam iron will work best on linen.


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