Kinross Cashmere Women’s Fleur De Lis Print Gris / Light Green Multicolor Silk / Cashmere Woven Scarf



Kinross is known for everyday luxury that is pure, natural, soft and refined. The Kinross Cashmere Women’s Fleur De Lis Print Gris / Light Green Multicolor Silk / Cashmere Woven Scarf is 50% silk and 50% cashmere. The scarf / wrap is sized at 27.5″ x 78″ (69.9cm x 198cm).

About the Brand and Manufacturer

Kinross Cashmere is the premier brand of Dawson Forte Cashmere. Their story began 20 years ago under the umbrella of a world renowned cashmere company headquartered in Kinross, Scotland. Today, they remain a nimble team, having established a standalone US company with offices in the Boston and New York area, as well as, Shanghai. From goat to garment, Kinross carries the knowledge and experience accumulated over years spent in every aspect of a global cashmere business. They are respected in the industry for premium quality, exceptional customer service, and strong social and environmental conscience. Kinross Cashmere is the ultimate expression of these company values. Kinross Cashmere adheres to strict European cashmere production standards that are consistent with their heritage. From the technical design of their garments and fiber selection through dyeing, yarn-spinning, garment production and quality control, one can rest assured that they are acquiring a product that is designed and hand-crafted to last. The journey symbol within their logo reflects the lengthy passage their product makes from the cold and inhospitable plains of Inner Mongolia where the fiber is hand-combed from the finest downy fleece of the cashmere goat through a very long journey of refinement to ultimately become a Kinross-quality garment.

Additional information

Weight 0.22 lbs
PKG Dimensions 12.5 × 9.5 × 0.5 in




Brand Kinross Cashmere
Country of Manufacture Inner Mongolia / China
Dry Clean


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