Libeco Giulia Stripe Linen Table Runners (Set of 2) 21″ x 59″ (54cm x 150cm)



Inspired by the beautiful Bay of Saint Giulia in Southern Corsica, this twill table linen is subtle in color but makes a statement.  A large gray stripe runs down the center and a brown stripe can be found on each outside edge. The Libeco Giulia Stripe 100% Linen Table Runners (Set of 2) are designed for everyday living and simplicity. The table runners are pure Belgian linen and very soft to the touch. Perfect for everyday life.

Price include two (2) table runners and each runner is sized at 21″ x 59″ (54cm x 150cm).


About the Brand and Manufacturer

Libeco.Lagae NV is located in Meulebeke, Belgium - a small village - between Bruges and the French border. This region has always been known for its flax culture and prosperous textile industry. The company is a result of the merge of two traditional linen weavers: Libeco founded in 1864 and Lagae founded in 1858. Since the merge in 1997, the company has grown steadily and today accounts for more than 6o% of total Belgian linen production. At Libeco Home they create linen products designed for living in everyday, products that inspire us to slow down and enjoy life. Linen is inherently ecological, extraordinarily comfortable and forever beautiful. They believe that linen is part of a movement back to essential values: calmer living, less is more, simplicity and quality are paramount.

Additional information

Weight 1.14 lbs
PKG Dimensions 13 × 12.25 × 1 in




Brand Libeco
Country of Manufacture Belgium
Linen is durable, comfortable, highly absorbent and lint-free. All of the Libeco linens can be washed or dry cleaned with confidence. For best results, Libeco recommends the following care instructions: 1) Unfold your linens completely before washing; 2) Do not overload the machine; 3) Wash your linens at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit; 4) Use a mild soap and avoid chlorine bleach; 5) If possible, line dry as it's the best for linen. If using a tumbler, dry on medium heat and do not over dry; 6) Iron with steam on slightly damp linen (best the inside of the fabric).


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