Tessitura Pardi Arianna Mustard Pure Linen Tablecloth 67″ x 110″



The bright and festive Tessitura Pardi Arianna Mustard Pure Linen Italian Tablecloth features a lively ivory woven bird / peacock design that contrasts the soft mustard background color of the tablecloth. There are intricately dispersed ivory woven patterns throughout the design. The tablecloth has a larger, mitered ivory border with a scroll design that is wrapped around the entire tablecloth. This high quality, 100% pure linen tablecloth immediately captures one’s attention. It is lovely to look at and draws you into the unique design.

Tessitura Pardi makes its fabrics with handcrafted care that has been revived by drawing inspiration from the decorative art of ancient Umbrian painting.

The fine Italian rectangular tablecloth in a heavier linen is 100% rustica linen and sized at 67″ x 110″ (170cm x 280cm). The Tessitura Pardi Arianna Mustard Pure Linen Napkins and Placemats go exquisitely with this tablecloth. The price includes one (1) tablecloth and is woven and imported directly from Italy.

To care for your tablecloth, use a very gentle wash at no higher than 40° Celcius / 104° Fahrenheit, do not bleach, do not use the spin cycle, dry naturally and never use hot-air dryers, dampen fabric well before ironing (or steam).

About the Brand and Manufacturer

For over sixty years TESSITURA PARDI SRL has been the synonymous of Italian style in home linen and interior decoration, thanks to the masterly harmony among quality, nature, tradition, culture and art. The weaving mill was stablished by three brothers Tito, Mario and Pietro Pardi in 1949. Now the second and the third generation, that is Agostino, Alberto and Francesco Pardi run the business.

The weaving mill is located in the green Umbria region of Italy, and aims at handing down and developing the traditions of the handicraft and of the art of weaving that, since the past centuries, have found one did their best expressions in this area. They specialize in 100% linen and blends of linen and cotton utilizing 42 shuttle-power Jacquard looms. Drawing from historically rich designs, brilliant colors and an awareness of current trends, the fabrics are complementary to any décor and trending dinnerware patterns. Selections include products for the table, kitchen, bedroom and bath.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 lbs
PKG Dimensions 19.75 × 15.75 × 1.5 in




Brand Tessitura Pardi
Country of Manufacture Italy

To ensure that the item you have purchased maintains all its' precious features, we recommend to follow these simple washing instructions:

1) Soak for 12 hours before the first wash
2) Wash at a temperature not higher than 40° Celcius / 104° Fahrenheit
3) Do not use boiling water
4) Use only neural cleaners, because the normal cleaners contain optical whiteners that change the shade of the color
5) Do not use fabric softeners or water softening products to avoid nap
6) Do not use the spin cycle
7) Dry naturally and never use hot-air dryers
8) Avoid exposing the items to the sunlight for long because they might fade
9) Dampen the fabric well before ironing (you can also use a steamer to remove any wrinkles)


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