Thomas Ferguson White Irish Linen Damask Small Tray Cloth, Celtic Design 12″ x 18″ in Gift Box



The Thomas Ferguson Irish linen gift boxed tray cloths are a classic collection of beautiful linen cloths for the serving tray.  The Thomas Ferguson White Linen Damask Small Tray Cloth in Celtic Design is woven on their standard white damask and features the Thomas Ferguson Celtic design.   The Celtic design is a traditional design used by many of the Irish linen damask weavers in the past. The design shown here is the unique Ferguson’s version of that design and it is based around the Celtic knot work and the Celtic cross.  The Tray Cloth is sized at 12″ x 18″ (30cm x 46cm).

The cloth comes packaged in a plain hunter green gift box and is made in Ireland.

About the Brand and Manufacturer

The Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen company, bears the name of its founder, Thomas Ferguson and has been offering quality Irish linen to customers since 1854. Thomas Fergusons Irish linen are widely acknowledged as the finest linen jacquard weaver in the world. This reputation for quality has been developed through many generations of dedication and skill and owes much to the company's rich heritage.

Additional information

Weight .37 lbs
PKG Dimensions 10.25 × 7.25 × 0.75 in




Brand Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen
Country of Manufacture Ireland
Pure Irish Linen is extremely durable and when laundered properly, will last a very long time. With a minimum amount of proper care, the natural beauty of linen is easily maintained. Irish linen wears extremely well. The more linen is washed the softer and more luminous it becomes. Provided a few simple rules are followed, linen will remain in pristine condition for years, through normal household use. Linen increases in strength when wet, which is why it stands up to the rough and tumble of repeated laundering so well. Commercial soap powders and liquid detergents can be safely used, but as with all other textiles always test for color fastness. Wash your linens at a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Commercial soap powders and liquid detergents can be safely used, however, avoid chlorine bleach. Drying Never tumble-dry linen as this can over-dry the fibers and makes ironing more difficult. Linen naturally dries quickly anyway. The best care for linen is to lay flat/hang to dry naturally and iron when slightly damp on the backside of the fabric. An alternative option is to professionally dry clean. As an alternative, you can professionally dry clean.


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