Tuckahoe Hardwoods Live Edge Wood Charcuterie Cutting Board with Handle [Engraving Available]



This beautiful, hand-crafted charcuterie board or cutting board from Tuckahoe Hardwoods is made from one solid piece of wood. The live edge board is perfect for serving charcuterie, appetizers, highlighting entrees or as a cutting board.  Each board is unique with different grain shapes, as Tuckahoe allows the organic nature of the tree to shape each board with a natural live edge.  The charcuterie board – cutting board – serving board is only made from the highest quality sustainably harvested materials.  Made from East Indian Walnut, the board is beautiful, durable, and coated with a food safe blend of organic beeswax and mineral oil.  Please see wash and care instructions.

Boards can be customized with engraving of logos, monograms, names, or messages and come in various sizes.  Please click on link for images of engraving options.

About the Brand and Manufacturer

Tuckahoe Hardwoods was started by brothers George and Johnny Dent in 2004 out of an old farmhouse on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. After developing their wood business in Maryland over the next several years, they started some sustainable forestry projects in Indonesia, where they now own and operate their own shop using only sustainably harvested wood for all of Tuckahoe's products. Production is started there, and everything is finished in Maryland. They are a top resource for a wide variety of specialty reclaimed woods, beams and mantels, large slabs, and custom kitchens and cabinets. They have the largest collection of flooring in the area and a unique collection of vessel sinks made from petrified wood, stone, and marble. They have a curated line of custom furniture, home decor and serving boards. Tuckahoe Hardwoods is an American-owned and operated family business with a focus on providing the highest quality wood products available to the industries they serve.

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Brand Tuckahoe Hardwoods
Country of Manufacture Indonesia / USA
Follow these simple instructions to keep your board looking beautiful and to extend the lifespan of your board. 1. HAND WASH FOR BEST RESULTS Boards should never soak in water. This can cause them to warp or crack. Simply wash your board with warm soapy water and dry it off. You should wash both sides of the board when you wash it. Getting just one side of a wood board wet can cause one side to warp over time. While their boards will survive a dishwasher, they do not recommend it for longevity. 2. DRY YOUR BOARD THOROUGHLY After washing, dry the board thoroughly. It is best to store the board either hanging or standing on edge, so both large sides get completely dry. Make sure you store your board in a dry area, not on a wet countertop, as it will not allow the wood to dry properly. 3. OIL YOUR BOARD Tuckahoe Hardwoods uses a food grade mineral oil on their boards, and recommend this be applied frequently, based on the amount of use. Any generic food grade mineral oil is fine, as well as any cutting board or butcher block oil. Your board needs a coat of oil when it starts to look dry or the grain does not look as beautiful. The mineral oil both keeps the board looking great and keeps the wood from drying out. Food grade mineral oil is the preferred oil for this, as it is food safe, inexpensive and will not go rancid as some other oils can. Apply the oil evenly to the entire board with a lint-free microfiber cloth. You do not need enough oil to puddle on the board – just enough to coat the board. Let the oil soak in and dry for 3-4 hours hanging or standing on edge, just as when you wash and dry it normally.


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