Success, Pursuing a Passion and Building a Business

Founder and Owner, Beautiful Linens LLC

I’ve been asked many times before to share my background and what led to the start of Beautiful Linens, LLC.   As the Founder and Owner behind Beautiful Linens, I wanted to share a little more about me.  My prior professional career was not originally in the textile industry.  In fact, it was in the digital field of information technology.  With over 26 years of significant strategic experience in that field, I served to drive enterprise value, modernization and step-change cost reduction by the application of technology.   Progressing rapidly, manager roles led to global Director roles and then ultimately to the Vice President and Chief Information Officer role for worldwide information technology at a $9B global company.

Even with that success, there was still an unfulfilled passion.  I’ve been fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world and with that lens and experience develop an absolute passion for beautiful and elegant textiles of exceptional quality.  There are wonderful artisans and weavers that possess incredible skills and talents.  I wanted so much to share the beautiful craftsmanship of these textiles with others.  In 2014, was born.  It is our intent to continually bring beautiful textiles from global markets to our customers.  

Through all this experience, it is important to never lose sight of serving others with humility through a foundation of integrity, taking time to mentor and to build strong, longstanding and trusted business relationships.  

As Founder and Owner of Beautiful Linens (, I’m truly passionate in offering only the finest quality and most distinctive linens from all over the world and bringing those products to our customers.  At Beautiful Linens (, we strive for exceptional service and believe it is paramount to create an extraordinary visit and buying experience.

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    1. Steve, it’s great to hear from you. I hope you are doing fantastic. Thank you so much for the thoughtful message and visit to the website. Please have a peaceful and happy holiday season up ahead. Thank you, Alyssa

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