The Making of a Beautiful Hand Towel Using Machine Embroidered Monograms

We are always amazed at the transformation from an already beautiful hand towel to the extraordinary and timeless treasure that the towel becomes when completed.  A monogram transforms a textile from being general to something very personalized and special to the holder of that item.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to ornately machine embroidering a monogrammed hand towel. 

In a nutshell, embroidery/monogramming textiles is a wonderful way to create keepsake linens (towels, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.) for one’s own self or give as memorable and beautiful gifts to someone else.  We will show you a few examples below of the Before and After.

Before we begin, it is essential to ensure your products are being embroidered using quality embroidery machines, skilled personnel and high-quality digitized designs or commercial software that enables the output of high-quality digitized designs.  The lack of one of these elements could lead to a less than desirable embroidery outcome.   All our embroidery at Beautiful Linens LLC is done in-house by experienced embroiderers using top of the line commercial equipment.  We will only use high quality digitized designs.

In this first design, we merged two gorgeous embroidery designs from Sonia Showalter to create this stunning monogrammed hand towel.  We started with a ‘blank canvas’ Italian linen hemstitched ivory hand towel from Tessitura Pardi and transformed it to a breathtaking treasure.  We used Sonia Showalter’s Renaissance Alphabet B with the Pearl Border Accent II designs.  This overall design has over 22,000 stitches and incorporates 3 different thread colors.

Although we have standard monogram options on our website, if there is a specific design from a high quality embroidery designer that you wish to have customized on a product, please contact Customer Service via our Contact form and we would be happy to work with you. 

This intricately designed, warm-toned rustica linen medallion towel is exceptional and beautiful in its’ inherent design. Adding this Fleur De Lis Monogram from Sonia Showalter brings the already exquisite towel to a whole new level. We used a palm leaf and tarnished bronze colored threads to ideally match the color tones/thread weaves in this aqua rustica guest towel.

Tessitura Pardi Medaglione Aqua Rustica Linen Hand Towel

Here is a more simpler monogram designs on the Tessitura Pardi Medaglione Towel in the linen cotton blend in Ballantines Script and Wicks single letter, as well as, the larger 3 letter monogram, called Bamboo. Both of the latter designs are by Apex Embroidery machine designs.

The monogram design does not have to be so elaborately detailed.  The monogram can have a powerful impact using more simple designs.  In the example below, we used a less detailed monogram on these fine Italian linen fringed towels from Busatti of Italy to create fresh and bright hand towels in the colors of white and celery green using Shuler Studios using their Single Romanisque alphabet adorned with a lovely embellishment on each side of the letter. We also show monogrammed designs in light blue and black fringed towels.

Busatti Zodiaco White Fringed Towels with Single Romanisque Monogram with Accent in Celery Gren
Busatti Zodiaco Black Fringed Towels with Single Letter Bain Monogram in Black

For a truly special and classic design, we embroidered the Monogram Chic Satin Fill monogram by Shuler Studio using a Cream White and Chocolate Brown thread to this beautiful Busatti Fior Di Margherita Off White Linen Cotton Large and Small Italian Hand Towels (Set of 2). This beautiful light tone towel features a modern, yet classic design in a geometric diamond pattern. The towel has a contrasting, solid fabric hemstitch border.

In conclusion, you can create exquisite linens embellished with timeless machine embroidery monograms or designs. Whatever your decor, there are so many options available in hand towels, as well as, beautiful monograms. Please see our other related blogs on Monogram Guidelines and some of our standard towel monograms.

Please visit this link for a complete view of all of our hand towels. It’s easy to use the filter to narrow down colors and sizes.

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